PrimePort Permit to Work

Where the following conditions apply, a PrimePort Permit to Work authorisation may be required:

  • A hot work permit
  • Under, or over water work
  • Structural penetration
  • Electrical isolation
  • Water shutdown
  • Ground penetration/excavation (e.g. direct drilling, piling, trenching etc)
  • Mobile crane/truck mounted crane work
  • Travel or operation of any tracked machinery on any wharf, asphalt or other paved area
  • Overweight/over dimension road permit for the vehicle
  • Traffic management
  • Any risk of a fall from height
  • Any work in ceiling, wall, floor spaces or other confined spaces
  • Council, or statutory authority permit or approval
  • Any construction, repair, demolition and/or any earthworks
  • Any of the work requiring a notification of particular hazardous work lodged with WorkSafe NZ

Note: Applications for a Permit to Work shall (excluding genuine emergency situations), shall be submitted to a PrimePort permit issuer for consideration at least 48 hours prior to the work being undertaken.  Work that triggers one or move of the activities listed above, shall not be undertaken withou a correctly completed PrimePort Permit to Work, authorised by a PrimePort Permit Issuer.

Note: If you are unsure if a Permit to Work is required to complete your task, for clarification, please contact the PrimePort Permit Issuers team on

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