PrimePort Permit to Work

1.  Do I require a permit?

  • Hot work
  • Under or over water work
  • Structural penetration
  • Electrical isolation
  • Water shutdown
  • Ground penetration / excavation (e.g. direct drilling, piling, trenching etc)
  • Mobile crane / truck mounted crane work
  • Travel or operation of any tracked machinery on any wharf, asphalt or other paved area
  • Overweight / over dimension road permit for the vehicle
  • Traffic management
  • Any risk of a fall from height
  • Any work in ceiling, wall, floor spaces or other confined spaces
  • Council or statutory authority permit or approval
  • Any construction, repair, demolition and/or any earthworks

2.  Download and fill out appropriate permit

3.  Email complete form 48 hours prior to work commencing to

4.  Receive approved permit from PrimePort

5.  Print a copy to have on hand at all times