Cargo Services

Bulk Products

Fertiliser, stock feeds, cement and other bulk dry products make up a considerable portion of the volumes imported and discharged through PrimePort.  With six hoppers available bulk volumes can be discharged across a number of the Ports berths.

A PrimePort owned and operated weighbridge and independent storage facilities are available nearby.

Importers and exporters of bulk products must refer to Appendix 2 of the PrimePort Air Quality Management Plan.

Fertiliser Discharge

Bulk Liquids

Independent facilities exist for storage and distribution for fuels, molasses, bulk chemicals and vegetable oils.  Timaru is also the major export port for bulk tallow.


A five hectare unpaved storage yard adjacent to No. 1 Extension Wharf provides storage for up to 50,000m3 of export logs.  Log marshalling and stevedoring services are provided by independent operators.

Imports and exporters of logs must refer to Appendix 3 of the PrimePort Air Quality Management Plan.

Log Yard

Break Bulk & Project Cargo

PrimePort has a particular skill in handling break bulk and project cargos including receiving, delivery, marshalling and storage.  Large/heavy loads are handled at the North Mole for delivery throughout the central South Island.  Timaru's central location on the East Coast and excellent rail access, with no restrictive tunnels, makes for efficient handling of difficult consignments.

General Cargo

PrimePort is well equipped to manage an array of import or export general cargos.  PrimePort is a key base for Chatham Island trade.


Timaru is New Zealand's second largest fishing port.  It is home to several deep sea trawling vessels and a number of inshore fishing vessels.  There are two major fish processing plants adjacent to the fishing harbour.

Container Services

The Timaru port has a significant container terminal operated by Timaru Container Terminal Limited, a subsidiary of Port of Tauranga.

The container handling services include:

  • Receiving and delivery of cargo via road or rail
  • Storage of containers
  • Stevedoring and marshalling of cargo
  • Container cleaning and repairs
  • Monitoring of reefer containers
  • Container packing and unpacking
  • Container tracking, ship planning and reporting via EDI (Navis N4)


Paved Storage

Five hectares of paved storage space at the North Mole Container Terminal and Freight Station (operated by Timaru Container Terminal Limited).

Covered Storage

A total of 5,000m2 of covered storage space including North Mole Transit Shed (operated by Timaru Container Terminal Limited) and the South Store (operated by PrimePort).

Cold Storage

Independent cool store operators and fishing companies provide a total of 170,000m3 cold storage in the port area.

External Port Services

  • Bunkering
  • Cargo certification
  • Provedoring
  • MPI / Customs
  • Logistics / Transport
  • Storage
  • Engineering

Policies & Procedures

Port users are required to comply with several PrimePort and other external agencies policies and procedures.