Pilot Launch

The pilot launch Kiwa (2017) is a 15.6 metre vessel constructed of fibreglass composite, crafted by Hart Marine in Melbourne, Australia.

The Kiwa was selected primarily for its advanced safety features, notably its self-righting capability in the event of a capsize.  Equipped with a FLIR thermal imaging camera, Kiwa ensures enhanced navigation capabilities.  With a servce speed of 22 knots, Kiwa efficiently fulfills its role in facilitating safe and seamless pilot operations.


As per Harbourmaster regulations, the presence of tugs is mandatory for all cruise ship arrivals and departures at PrimePort.  To ensure safe escorting of cruise ships, PrimePort maintains three Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) tugs at the ready.

Among these, the preferred choices for cruise ship operations are the Hinewai (2017) and Titan (2021) tugs.  These two vessels are closely alike, both with a bollard pull rating of 60 tonnes.  Additionally, the reliable fleet veteran, Tug Te Maru (1984), with a bollard pull of 32 tonnes, plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth maritime operations.