Security Access

Public entry is not permitted to any PrimePort secure area at any time.

All contractors and authorised visitors entering PrimePort secure areas must report to the relevant Security Gate or 'Work Site Manager', they must carry a tamper proof valid photo identification; such as a driver's licence, passport, company ID or 18+ card.  Unannounced visits must be cleared by a PrimePort representative before entry can be granted.  Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn at all times in operational areas.

PrimePort Safety Induction

PrimePort safety inductions are compulsory for anyone entering PrimePort operational areas.  No safety induction - no entry!!!  This can be done online - click here.

Access Tag Application Process

If you are a user of No. 1, No. 1 Extension, No. 2 and No. 3 Wharves you will need to ensure that you hold a valid PrimePort Safety Induction.  This can be done online here - Safety Induction.

If you are a PrimePort customer, tenant or contractor who works regularly within the operational area, you can apply for an access tag using the application form here - Application Form.

The access tag applicant must complete and sign part "B" and then their employer is to fill in and sign part "D" of the form.  Scan and email the completed Access Tag Application Form to

Once the form has been processed, the applicant will be sent an email advising them the access tag is ready for collection.

Completed access tags to be collected from the Security Gate on the North Mole (Marine Parade, Timaru) Monday - Friday 0800-1600 hours.  Production of a valid photo identification (driver licence, passport, company ID or 18+ card) is required.

Limited Access Tag Purpose & Application Process

For temporary/one-off user(s), the Port User can purchase their own company limited access tag(s), which can be issued by the Port User Company and assigned to an authorised individual.

The limited access tag(s) will remain inactive until the Port User Company provides the following temporary/one-off user(s) details:

  1. Tag users name
  2. Contact details
  3. Copy of licence or other approved photo identification
  4. Time period of limited access tag use
  5. Wharf access location(s) required

Limited Access Tag Application Process

The employer must fill in and sign off part "D" of the access tag application form (note: section "C" is not required), scan and return the completed form to  Limited access tags can be collected from PrimePort reception via appointment.

Please remember, all access tag applicants must complete the PrimePort Safety Induction before they are eligible to apply.

In an emergency situation during normal office hours where urgent activation is required, please email or phone 03 687 2700 for further assistance.  For any other time, i.e. outside of normal hours, please contact the watchman on 03 687 2728 with the appropriate Limited Access Tag user information, as specified above.


How much will it cost? Your employer will be invoiced an administration fee of $30 per access tag issued.

What happens if I lose my access tag? During normal office hours, the tag holder or employer must contact PrimePort by or 03 687 2700 without delay, so the lost tag can be disabled.  A replacement access tag will cost a fee of $60.  Access tags always remain the property of PrimePort.

Car Parking

Parking on the wharves is not encouraged.  All vehicles must park in designated parking zones outside the operational areas.  Only vehicles that are transporting heavy gear may be allowed to park temporarily at the wharf using it as a loading zone, but must move away as soon as the loading/unloading is completed.

See map for access and parking areas - map.

In case of any further access tag queries, please email or call 03 687 2700.

Security Levels

As per the Maritime Security Act.

Our current security level - Security Level 1

Watch House & Checkpoints

Under the Maritime Security Act, all vehicles entering PrimePort Timaru are subject to search as a condition of entry.

It is prohibited to carry firearms, dangerous or offensive weapons and instruments, ammunition, explosive, incendiary, biological or chemical substances or devices that could be used to endanger the safety of the port security area or persons in the port security area.

Any of the above items that need to be brought in to the port require written permission from the Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO).

Security Contacts

Security / Watchhouse (24 hours)+64 3 687