Port Safety Induction

If you require entry to PrimePort operational areas, you will be required to complete a PrimePort Induction.

Please click here to carry out the PrimePort's Health, Safety and Security Induction (for port employees, contractors, agents, Government agencies and other regular visitors).

One you have passed the induction, you will be eligible for issue of a security access tag and/or photo identification card.  A security access tag or photo identification can only be issued to the inductee in person at PrimePort's office (1 Marine Parade, Timaru).

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Due to the complex nature of Port operations there are many potential hazards and associated risks, which means the Port operational areas are considered a safety sensitive work environment.

It is crucial that all persons working within the common user areas of the Port are 'fit for work' and pose no safety risk to themselves or others by being impaired through the misuse of illicit drugs and/or alcohol.

It is the responsibility of all Port Users to ensure that all practicable steps are taken to lower this risk as is reasonably practicable.  PrimePort's Drug & Alcohol Policy/Procedures allow PrimePort to undertake random drugs or alcohol testing of any person working within a common user area on Port property.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the content of PrimePort's Drug & Alcohol Policy.

Common User Safety Rules

The Common User Safety Rules have been developed to encourage all port users to work in a safe and efficient manner, especially within the ports common user areas where multiple port users may be operating simultaneously and in close proximity to each other's work zones.  Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the content of the Common User Safety Rules as there are consequences for breaches of security and safety.

Access & Working on No. 1 Wharf

No. 1 Wharf is a multi-user wharf where many PCBU's can be operating simultaneously.  This can present overlapping safety risks that must be actively managed.  Please refer to No. 1 Wharf Access Protocols to understand PCBU responsibilities for establishing traffic management plans, establishment of work zones, safety and contact signage and communication expectations between PCUB's where overlap exist.

Incident Reporting

Port users are required to supply PrimePort with incident and accident reports and statistics, which enables PrimePort to fulfil its duty to promote and facilitate good health and safety practices by monitoring that corrective actions are in put in place, or appropriate safety alerts have been issued.  Incident reports must be forward to PrimePort's Health & Safety Manager, either by a hand delivered written report (PrimePort, 1 Marine Parade, Timaru) or via email.

Emergency Procedures

The first priority in the event of an emergency is for the safety of all people present, raise the alarm and then dial 111, ask for Fire/Police/Ambulance.

All fires, emergencies, accidents, oil spills, chemical leaks, vandalism or damage should be reported to PrimePort Management as soon as practicable.  You can make your report to PrimePort's Office during normal working hours on 03 687 2700, or afterhours to the 24/7 security watchman on 027 433 4124.

Important Note!

All contractors who visit PrimePort must carry a copy of PrimePort's Contractor Emergency Response - Quick Reference Guide.  the guide contains a short form emergency procedure, emergency contacts for PrimePort and the Timaru Container Terminal gates and on the flipside a site map showing escape routes and emergency assembly points.