Number One WharfNorth Mole Wharf
Information Centre700m2.0km
Food & Accommodation1.0km1.5km

Number One Wharf

With a length of 290 metres and a berth pocket depth reaching 10.2 metres, Number One Wharf services as the top choice for cruise ships measuring under 250 metres in length.

Wharf Overview 
290 metres long15 x 90-tonne SWL flush-mounted storm bollards
10.2 metres deep berth pocket300mm reinforced concrete deck
Substantial rebuild completed 2019 

in 2019, Number One Wharf underwent a significant upgrade, which included pile, bearer and wharf edge bollard replacements along with the installation of a new 300mm reinforced concrete deck.  To ensure enhanced mooring security during high wind events, the wharf now features fifteen 90-tonne SWL flush-mounted storm bollards, strategically positioned for the safe mooring of cruise vessels.  Additionally, the wharf's strategic location offers convenience, with a short 10 minute walk to the town and information centre via a pedestrian overbridge, providing visitors easy access to local amenities and attractions.

North Mole Wharf

North Mole Wharf, stretching 465 metres in length with a berth pocket depth of 11 metres, serves as the designated berth for cruise ships exceeding 250 metres in length.

Wharf Overview 
465 metres long8 x 100-tonne SWL flush-mounted storm bollards
11 metres deep berth pocket330mm reinforced concrete deck
Substantial rebuild completed 2023 

From 2020 to 2023, North Mole Wharf underwent a significant upgrade similar to that of the Number One Wharf, but included a more robust upgrade of the piles, bearers, wharf edge bollards and the addition of a 330mm reinforced concrete deck.  The rebuild of the pavement behind the wharf and the inclusion of eight 100 tonne storm bollards rounds off the safety improvements to ensure enhanced passenger experience and mooring security during high wind events.  Offering convenience, North Mole Wharf provides a comfortable 10 minute walk to Caroline Bay via Marine Parad, or visitors can opt for a 25-minute stroll into town and the information centre via the Loop Road footpath, perfect for stretching the legs while exploring the local surroundings.