10 December 2016 - PrimePort Christmas Parade

PrimePort are pleased to be the main sponsor for the Timaru Christmas Parade for the next three years. Click here for an entry form.2016 Christmas Parade

14 January 2017 - PrimePort Ocean Swim

2017 PrimePort Ocean Swim 
PrimePort is pleased to be sponsoring the 2017 PrimePort Ocean Swim being held on 14 January 2017.  

For more information and entries please click here.

24 January 2016 - Ocean Swim 

The 2016 Ocean Swim results are in - click here


There are many residents that live in and around the Port, these include:

MammalsBird Life
Hector DolphinLittle Penguin
NZ Fur SealSouthern Black Back Gull
 Red Billed Gull
 Spotted Shag

There are a number of regular seasonal visitors that can be seen visiting, these include:

MammalsBird Life
Leopard SealSouthern Oystercatchers
 White Fronted Terns
 Branded Dotterel
 Yellow-Eyed Penguin
 Fiordland Crested Penguin

To find out more about our wildlife please visit www.doc.govt.nz

The Little Penguin is often sited down at Caroline Bay and live in the rock areas around the Port.  To find out more about the Little Penguin and viewing sites please visit www.timarupenguins.co.nz for further information.